Jaime is an RMT that works in the local area. She loves her career and within her field has chosen to focus on pediatric treatments, infant and prenatal massage.

Jaime wanted to have her old silver fillings removed because of her health concerns over mercury. Conservative removal of the fillings were performed with the use of a rubber dam, high volume suction and copious amounts or water to limit the mercury vapors and particles from entering her system.

A fracture line was noted under one of her cusps, but because Jaime had not been having any symptoms or pain, it was decided to proceed with conservative composite restorations. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence associated with silver fillings as they expand and contract differently than a natural tooth does. Over time this causes fractures and cracks in the teeth. If symptoms do develop at a later stage, other treatment options (crowns or onlays) may need to be considered.

Conservative and beautiful composite restorations were completed and Jaime should have many years of great function and service from the teeth.

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