Hygiene and Your Gums

Part of keeping your teeth for life is preventing gum disease. At our office we suggest regular cleanings by one of our registered dental hygienists. That way we can keep on top of your individual gum health and make sure that any problems that arise are dealt with earlier rather than later.

The task of brushing and flossing our teeth daily has never been more important. Recent studies suggest that gum disease may contribute to or be warning signs of potentially life threatening conditions such as:

  • Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Preterm Birth

Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is mainly caused by specific bacteria from plaque and tartar build up. Your teeth must be clean to have healthy gums.

Other factors that have the potential to cause gum disease may include:

  • Tobacco use
  • Clenching or grinding your teeth
  • Certain medications
  • Genetics
  • Stress or a compromised immune system

Types of Gum Disease Include:

  • Gingivitis – The beginning stage of gum disease and is often undetected. This stage of the disease is reversible.
  • Periodontitis – Untreated gingivitis may lead to this next stage of gum disease. With many levels of periodontitis, the common outcome is chronic inflammatory response, a condition when the body breaks down the bone and tissue in the infected area of the mouth, ultimately resulting in tooth and bone loss.

Signs of Gum Disease include:

  • Red, bleeding, and/or swollen gums
  • Bad breath
  • Mobility of the teeth
  • Tooth sensitivity caused by receding gums
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Tooth loss

Proper brushing and flossing is the easiest way to reduce and prevent gum disease, but regular cleanings with your dental hygienist and regular check-ups by your dentist are necessary to remove calculus and to detect and treat advanced gum disease.

If you are concerned that you may have gum disease, or have any questions regarding your gum health please don’t hesitate to give our office a call to schedule an appointment.


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