There are many factors that go into making the decision to extract a tooth. Here at Fresh Smile Dental Group, we make every possible effort to save each tooth so that it can be yours forever. We discuss all the options with you before making the decision that best suits your situation. Unfortunately, at times, there is no choice other than removal.

An extraction may be necessary due to:

  • Severe Decay
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Infection or abscess
  • Orthodontic correction
  • Malpositioned teeth
  • Fractured teeth or roots
  • Impacted teeth (Wisdom Teeth)
  • Insufficient room in the mouth

Extractions can be categorized as “simple” or “surgical”.

Simple extractions are performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth, usually under local anaesthetic.

Surgical extractions involve the removal of teeth that may be more difficult to remove either because they are impacted, broken below the gum line, or the roots are curved. They are performed under local anaesthetic, but sometimes you may be prescribed some medications to make you more comfortable during the procedure.

After the extraction you may be given some pain medications or antibiotics to help with any discomfort, swelling, or infection that you may have. You will also be given instructions on how to care for the extraction site over the next few days. Sometimes a follow-up appointment may be necessary to examine the site and make sure that healing is proceeding well.


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