There are many acceptable ways to replace missing teeth, but the use of dental implants has become one of the preferred techniques in the last 25 years for many patients. Dental implants can also be used to support and stabilize loose fitting dentures. Dental implants provide an effective way to enhance appearance and function and replace missing teeth.


  • Stimulating the bone eliminates the potential for future bone loss.
  • Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant allows the surrounding teeth to be preserved.
  • Implants make eating easier and more enjoyable by restoring nearly all of the natural chewing strength.
  • Implants help to preserve the ability to taste and enjoy foods whereas a full upper denture inhibits the ability to taste because it covers the mouth’s palate.
  • Implants prevent gum problems from occurring when the teeth on either side of a missing tooth shift from their natural position.
  • Implants help secure and support dentures and partial dentures. This eliminates some of the key problems of dentures, especially for speaking and chewing.

The dental implant process involves several steps that include:

  • Consultation: After a careful evaluation of your dental and medical history, your practitioner will determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.
  • Initial implant placement: Your practitioner places the dental implant into your jaw with minimal surgery and anaesthesia. Over the next several months the bone will heal to the surface of the implant, anchoring it into position. Then, an additional minor procedure creates an opening through which your artificial tooth will emerge.
  • Implant prosthetic attachment: During this phase, your practitioner painlessly attaches a prosthetic “post” to the implant. An impression will be taken, and an implant crown will be fabricated to restore natural form and function.

Maintenance of the implants will help to assure the long-term success of your treatment. You will be responsible for daily plaque removal, which can be accomplished through brushing and flossing around your implant. Dr. Liang and the hygienist will show you how to properly care for your implants. We recommend Rotadent brushes which can be purchased in our office and regular dental cleanings.


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