We make every effort to save and preserve your natural teeth, but there are still times where replacing teeth with dentures is indicated. When you lose your teeth, bone and soft tissue changes occur in your face and jaw. Dentures can help to restore function and appearance and also to enhance your smile. Dr. Liang and his staff will discuss the options of dentures with you to help you come to the best solution.

Complete Dentures replace all of your upper or lower teeth. The degree of comfort depends on the amount of support from the muscle, bone, tongue, and saliva. Also the length of time the patient has been without teeth can affect the fit and comfort of the dentures.

Immediate Dentures are placed right after your teeth are removed, and may require adjustments during the healing process. An advantage of immediate dentures is that the patient does not have to be without teeth during the healing period.

The bone and soft tissue change and remodel over the first six months of healing after the teeth have been removed. Immediate dentures may become loose and require rebasing or relining to fit properly during this time. A conventional denture can then be made once the bone and soft tissues have completely healed. Patients begin wearing conventional dentures after the bone and tissue have had time to heal.

Over Dentures are a type of conventional denture similar to complete dentures. The difference is that the denture is supported by the teeth or by implants. This type of denture provides greater stability and support for chewing and function than conventional dentures.

Partial Dentures may be indicated in situations where the space between teeth is too large or the remaining teeth are not strong enough to support a fixed bridge. Metal clasps on the partial denture are used to hold onto the remaining teeth and support the denture during chewing and function. Partial dentures maintain tooth alignment by preventing your remaining teeth from shifting. They can also help prevent more tooth loss due to decay or gum disease.

Many patients find that dentures or partial dentures can be quite uncomfortable due to the bulkiness and lack of stability and support.   In these situations there are always other options that are available, such as bridges or implants.   Dr. Liang and his staff are always happy to discuss the different treatment options available to you so that the best treatment outcomes can be achieved.


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