Kimberly is a lovely young woman that we have enjoyed treating over the past couple of years.  She is an early childhood education teacher and now manages a preschool in the local area.  Kimberly loves children and when she is not busy teaching them, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Kimberly had an area of deep decay on one of her molars, under an existing filling. It was starting to give her some discomfort and she knew that it had to be dealt with.

She has always been a little bit anxious about dental treatment, but we made sure that she was comfortable with ample anesthetic, a blanket and neck pillow to help her relax. We also provided her with headphones so that she could watch TV or listen to some music while her procedure was being performed.

The old fillings and decay were removed and the teeth were prepared to receive conservative composite fillings.  The decay ended up being so deep and close to the nerve that a “pulp cap” (medication) was placed to help with sensitivity and calm the nerve.  Kimberly knew that there was a chance that the tooth would need a root canal if things didn’t settle down or got worst, but we decided to proceed in the most conservative way first.

Natural looking and strong composite restorations were placed and her broken cusp was rebuilt to look and feel like her own natural tooth. Not only are her restorations beautiful and conservative, they will provide her with many years of good function.

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