Shirley Ann is enjoying retirement and says she is busier now than she ever was when she was working. She loves to read and always has a great book ready on her Kobo when she visits the office. She also enjoys traveling and has been on many wonderful adventures to exotic and tropical locations around the world.

Shirley Ann was not happy with her smile and wanted a change. She had a lot of wear, chipping and cracking developing on her upper teeth and she also had generalized gum recession and sensitivity that she was dealing with. She wanted a whiter, brighter and more youthful looking smile.

Shirley Ann’s treatment plan involved Invisalign aligned to help straighten her teeth and close some of her spaces between her upper teeth, followed by veneers and crowns to change the shape and color of her teeth and give her the beautiful smile that she had always wanted.

A diagnostic wax-up was done for Shirley Ann’s case to help us and her visualize how the final result would look. Her teeth were prepared in one visit and she left with temporaries that matched exactly how the diagnostic wax-up looked. This ‘trial smile’ gave her and us a chance to see what her final restorations and smile would look like. It also gave us a chance to modify and perfect her smile before we had the ceramist complete the final restorations.

What a beautiful result! Shirley Ann couldn’t be happier and now she is smiling even more than before.

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